BC Docs
Need Training Spots


Qualified UBC Medical graduates are not becoming doctors!

In 2018, 14 graduates of UBC’s medical school (the only medical school in British Columbia), were unable to match to a residency program. Without completing residency (also known as post-graduate training), these 14 medical graduates (who hold MDs) will be unable to provide medical care to British Columbians.

This happens every year. There are not enough residency positions available.

When will the BC Government ensure its home-grown medical graduates can provide care to British Columbians?


Our proposed Solutions


the action

on march 4th, 2019 in Victoria, BC

  • medical students from across Bc converged in victoria

  • we met with legislators to outline the issues

  • we demanded more residency positions for canadian medical graduates, and in particular, ubc medical graduates

The follow-up

We will deliver the petition and continue asking the government:

  • enable all UBC medical graduates to complete their residency training so they can provide medical care to british columbians;

  • stop wasting tax-payer dollars and increasing the physician shortage by leaving unmatched UBC medical graduates behind!


The Petition

980 signatures and counting!

Please Consider signing the letter below (no deadline)

Make your voice heard with the BC government.

UBC medical graduates are going unmatched to residency positions! Without completing residency training, these medical graduates will never be able to practice medicine and provide care to British Columbians. 

Each medical graduate represents $250,000 in government spending to subsidize training. These tax dollars are wasted if medical graduates cannot obtain residency positions and complete medical training. 

Each medical graduate unable to match a residency position and complete training, represents approximately 1875 British Columbians who could have had a physician. 

British Columbia does not provide enough residency positions for all of its medical graduates! This is unsustainable and will inevitably lead to continued wasted tax dollars and lost medical potential in British Columbia. 

We want more residency positions for Canadian medical graduates, and in particular, medical graduates from UBC!

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